Payload Systems and Mission Processing on Another Level

At Augustus, we develop, deliver and operate SIGINT, communications, radar and PNT payloads and on-board processing systems to provide our customers the results they need for mission success.

A Culture of ISR Innovation Excellence

Starting with our high-performance Software Defined Radio technology in January of 2018, we have rapidly grown into a leading provider of innovative mission solutions for space platforms including ultrawide band Electronically Steerable Arrays, powerful GPU-based co-processors and cutting edge RFSoC-based SDRs.  We also develop unsurpassed, space segment signal detection, characterization and geolocation processing capabilities to provide critical results in near real time.  To date, we have delivered 27 payload flight units with 14 more scheduled for delivery by March 2025.

What We Do


Consistently Accurate


We have developed autonomous and robust signal detection, characterization, and geolocation edge processing capabilities for a growing library of pulsed and continuous emitters.


Experience Matters


Since January 2018 we have executed 16 separate programs as both a prime and as a subcontractor. Each program required sophisticated innovations for mission success in addition to supporting an aggressive delivery schedule.

Our Experience

The Augustus Aerospace team has over 15 years experience providing high performance and low size, weight and power (SWaP) communications and ISR payloads for high altitude and small satellite platforms. We design and build radio receivers and transmitters using powerful field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) for flexible embedded systems operating at VHF, UHF, L-band, S-band and X-band.

Our communications payloads employ state-of-the-art airlink standards like DVB-S2, achieving efficiencies within 1.5 dB of Shannon’s theoretical limit on channel capacity. Our ISR payloads are used for radar, RF sampling and geolocation applications and use advanced precision frequency and time references.